Scott’s Wine Bar, Quorn

Slapped wrist for not posting this sooner – Scott’s is a rather lovely new wine bar in the ever trendy Quorn. Well I say new – they’ve been open for several months now!

Scott's Wine Bar, Quorn

For those readers who aren’t from my neck of the woods, Quorn is a small village (just outside Loughborough) and home to several nice pubs, curry houses and a couple of good restaurants. Although pretty, it’s not really any better or different to those around it but for some reason, Quorn is where it’s at! Like the Hampstead Heath of Leicestershire – house prices are higher than the surrounding villages. And, on a weekday you’ll find its cafes full of yummy mummies and on a Friday night, its pubs full of trendy folk from far and wide.

Whether that’s to your taste or not, it does mean that you can have a complete evening without having to venture further afield. Start at the pub, move on to a restaurant for food and end your evening at Scott’s wine bar.


scotts wine bar in quorn
I drink red and white wine but on my first visit to Scotts, my friends and I were drinking red.  Specifically, new world reds with South African and Argentinian labels topping the bill. We had three delicious bottles over the evening, all of which Steve (the owner) told us about in detail. The selection of wines is varied and covers the world and the staff clearly know what they are talking about.
Look out on their facebook page for details on tasting evenings and cheese and wine nights too. It’s a great addition to Quorn and I’ll be back soon!
Scott’s Wine Bar,
8 Leicester Road,
Leics, LE12 8DX
*Scotts Wine Bar did not ask me to write this review and we paid for all our drinks ourselves. 

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