One of my goals for 2018 is to get back into the kitchen and start cooking properly again. Over the last 18 months, a combination of travels and house sitting has meant that I’ve not had access to my own pots pans and gadgets, I’ve been working with a limited moving larder and my beloved cookbook collection has been locked away in storage.

This year, it’s all change. In March we’re moving into our own place and all my books and kitchen stuff will be coming out of storage! I’m determined for this to be the year we get back on track with cooking properly and from scratch. I want to fill the garage with kimchi, kombucha, chutneys and jams. I want to bake my own bread, batch cook and finally learn to make pasta.

Cooking the books looking back
Host for Hope – a five-course dinner for five friends back in 2016!

To help kickstart things, I’ve set myself a challenge ‘Cooking the Books’:

The premise is simple. Every month I’ll select three books from my embarrassingly large collection and post them on Twitter and Instagram. You, my readers, can then vote for which one you want me to cook from. I’ll randomly select a recipe from the winning book and post the recipe to my blog! Literally ‘cooking the books’!

January Selection - Cooking the Books

This month I’ve selected three of my newest cookbooks (all acquired since my collection went into storage):

January’s selection is pinned to the top of my twitter feed here and on Instagram here. Head over to either one of them and comment to cast your vote now! You’ll see a recipe from the winning book here, later this month… 


    1. There are some really great and very unusual vegetable based bakes in that book – if you’re interested in that kind of thing you should definitely get a copy! 🙂

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