Weekend Brunch Club Round Up – February 2017

Another month, another collection of excellent brunch recipes from my fellow food bloggers! If you’re after some inspiration for next weekend or just fancy trying a new recipe for your next lazy morning, read on.

Spring Vegetable Pancake from Kelly’s Food to Glow

I’ll be posting my March Weekend Brunch Club recipe soon. If you’re a blogger, why not add your favourite brunch recipe to the linky?

Something Sweet

Kicking off, we have these tasty looking gluten free and vegan pancakes from Le Coin de Mel. I love the colours on the fresh fruit topping! 

These Scandinavian-style oven baked pancakes from Supper in the Suburbs look so delicious and have a totally different texture to the pancakes we think of at home. Yummy!

Here’s my own recipe for this month’s Weekend Brunch Club; coconut french toast with honey, apricots & raspberries. It was SO tasty and we’ve already made it again! Here’s the recipe.

Coconut French Toast with apricots, raspberries and honey

Butternut squash and carrot pancakes? Yes, please! Love the sound of these from Sus at Rough Measures. And yes, they are sweet. Topping suggestions include cacao nibs, banana, maple syrup and even peanut butter! 

Carb loading for marathon training is the excuse given by Urvashi at Botanical Baker for this french toast with lychee, raspberry and rose Haagen-Daaz ice-cream. Sounds good to me!

I’m really happy to see another waffle recipe this month from Foodie Quine. Last month it was haggis waffles for Burn’s night. This month its apple, cinnamon and maple syrup. Yummy!

Something Savoury

I will never say no to poached eggs and avocado at brunch time. Thanks to Ruth Writes for sharing this delicious classic!
This has to be my favourite recipe from this month’s entries – crashed eggs with potatoes and tomatoes from Ceri at Natural Kitchen Adventures. A perfect meal bridging the breakfast to lunch gap.
We have two entries from Kelly’s Food To Glow this month and they are both really tasty looking. Firstly, a very healthy and gluten free Spring vegetable pancake (pictured at the top of this post) and secondly, the most delicious looking and colourful eggplant (aubergine) parmigiana shakshuka. Try saying that quickly!

Last but definitely not least, it’s a cheesy ham and hash brown casserole from Caroline Makes. This is an American recipe which is perfect for a crowd. It sounds like a proper brunch winter warmer!

Thank you to all these amazing food bloggers for another great collection of brunch dishes. If you’re a blogger and have an awesome brunch recipe old or new which you’d like to share, look out for my March linky which will be going up on the blog soon. 
You can also find out more about Weekend Brunch Club and how to get involved here!

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