My October Discoveries

This is a strange one as it spans two continents – for the first half of October I was at home in Bristol and the Midlands. For the second half I was in Western Australia, where I still am now although we fly to Melbourne tomorrow to start the next leg of our adventures which is exciting. In a nutshell, the last three weeks have included eating FAR too much, a friends wedding in a cave, a trip to the wine region of Margaret River, koalas, kangaroos, sunburn and bike rides!

Western Australia, Gingeybites
This really doesn’t do it justice but here’s a snapshot!

So, here goes for an international themed October Discoveries! As usual, completely random and in no particular order, here are the new things I’ve discovered and loved over the last month.

Cured: Brewdog, Leicester

Those of you from Leicester may well remember The Smokehouse above the Obar on Braunstone Gate? It was my favourite place to eat in the city until it shut down. GREAT NEWS LEICESTER, your American smokehouse fix is sorted and no I’m not talking about the chain pre-made drivel you get at Grillstock.

I’m talking about Cured, the new food offering at Brewdog It opened back at the start of September and I feel bad that I’ve not gotten round to giving it a shout out yet. This is the brainchild of my friend and super chef Martin (who incidentally used to be second chef at The Smokehouse). Open daily from 12-8 he serves a whole range of meaty goodness, including things like buttermilk fried chicken, mac n cheese, cured meats, bacon topped pancakes and more.  Follow Cured on Facebook to find out more.

Picture taken from Cured Facebook. 

The Bristol Food Tour, UK 

These ladies need no introduction as they are storming the Bristol food scene but I wanted to tell you what they do, just incase you’ve not heard about them yet! 
Alice and Jo run walking tours around Bristol which highlight the best foodie places the city has to offer. They run tours around different areas, e.g. Stokes Croft where I used to live and even a Vegan tour too. You’ll get to sample some great food and meet like minded people along the way. We tried so hard to link up before I headed to Australia but it never happened and I’m so gutted because I know this is going to be really popular! 
Tickets cost £35pp per person and tours last around 3 hours. To look at upcoming dates and find out more info, check out their Facebook page.

The Bristol Food Tour, Gingey Bites
Picture taken from tBFT facebook

Bundaberg Lemon, Lime & Bitters, Australia

Have you ever tried Bundaberg ginger beer? Its the only Bundaberg label drink I’ve ever seen at home but there are lots of different flavours here in Australia (unsurprising because it’s an Aussie company). The best has to be this one – Lemon, Lime & Bitters. It’s really refreshing and not too sweet. Shame it’s not in a bigger bottle as it’s over too fast!  If you want to try it in the UK, you can buy a 12 pack on amazon for under £25. 
bunderberg lemon and lime, gingeybites

Takoyaki (たこ焼き)

On our first night in Perth we ate at a little sushi place right across the way from where we were staying. Not expecting much from the Yo! Sushi style belt and small space, we were totally surprised by the quality and taste of what we ate. One of the things we ate was a dish Dave has been going on about for ages but you hardly ever see in the UK – TAKOYAKI.

Takoyaki, Perth, Fremantle Market, Gingey Bites.

Takoyaki is a Japanese snack – octopus filled wheat flour balls which are fried. I’ve tried them twice now in Perth where there is some excellent Asian food on offer and I LOVE them. The takoyaki at Jaws Sushi was soft and full of flavour but the takoyaki I tried this week at Fremantle Market was even better. Topped with fish shavings and a sauce which tastes a little like Worcestershire, they were crispier on the outside and had more octopus in them. I’m now constantly on the hunt for more. Fingers crossed for Melbourne!

Have you discovered anything new or amazing this month? Let me know, I’d love to hear! 

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