Crafty Burger, Leicester

Avid Gingey Bites twitter followers will remember me raving about the Crafty Burger pop up at St Martins coffee house late last year. For some reason they never made it onto the blog but fear not dear reader – burger porn o’clock is here because in the words of Take That – crafty is ‘back for good‘.

Being a food blogger often has its perks and this was definitely one of those occasions – an invite to their launch party. So, with Charlotte in tow (I gave Vicky a night off!) I headed over there a few weeks ago to see what was on the menu.

We were presented with a great menu to choose from. To start we had a platter of gorgeous guacamole and homemade tortilla chips, pigcorn poppers & Korean chicken wings with sweet and hot sauce. The pigcorn poppers were our stand out dish – basically deep friend crsipy pork belly with a spicy pineapple and honey dip. Definitely order these next time you’re there!

There was a choice of 3 burgers but there are more on the main menu. We opted for the Farmyard Jam (beef patty, maple onion & bacon jam, crafty sauce and red Leicester) and the Krispie Klucker (buttermilk chicken, spiced rice krispie crumb, slaw and BBQ mayo). Because we’re greedy so and so’s we also went for both options of pimped fries. Macho (pulled beef, sour cream, cheese, french’s mustard & jalapenos) and my ABSOLUTE FAVE Green Nacho (avocado, spring onions, cheese, sour cream, French’s mustard & jalapenos), I said to Crafty Chris that the Green Nacho fries were his greatest side triumph and he agreed and even admitted that he’d come up with them when he was drunk. I say buy that man a beer and lets see what else he comes up with…

The burgers were both equally delicious – the buttermilk chicken was so moist but perfectly crispy (or should I say ‘krispy’ on the outside. The beef patty was pink in the middle and juicy- chuck in some bacon jam and we’re talking pure burger porn. In all, these are great burgers cooked to perfection by a passionate team.

St Martins coffee house is such a cool venue in the up and coming St Martins Square. There is a chilled yet cool vibe there which feels cutting edge for Leicester – like you’re in Bristol or Manchester. They have great home roasted coffees and a lovely lunch menu too.

Follow Crafty on twitter, instagram and facebook and visit them at St Martin’s Coffee House in the centre of Leicester – they are open every thursday, friday and saturday night from 6pm.

*Crafty invited me to dine at their launch night and I didn’t pay for my meal. However (you know whats coming) all my opinions are always my own and if I don’t like it, I’ll let you know!*

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