Delice Deli & Cafe, Loughborough

I have no idea why I’ve not blogged about Delice Deli in Loughborough before now. Its a firm favourite of mine and I’m a frequent visitor. Well time to put the world to rights – here we go! 

Run by the wonderful Sharon and Laurent, Delice Deli is a cafe with deli attached and sells all the things I love – French cheeses, imported from France by Laurent, freshly baked bread and oodles of local products including beers and ciders from local Wicked Hathern brewery. 
The cafe has a lovely retro feel with old records and posters decorating the walls and big house plants filling the windows and alcoves. I don’t think I’ve ever been in and seen the place less than three quarters full so if you’re planning on going for lunch, get there early. 
A couple of weekends ago, I dropped in with fellow local bloggers Emily & Charlotte. The menu is small but perfectly formed – great breakfasts, sandwiches and classics like croque monsieur. They also do afternoon tea, raclette and occasionally open in the evening for french wine and dinner evenings. I’m yet to get to one but I’ve heard they are great! We met up for a quick lunch and a catch up and all three of us went for a deli board. Priced at £9.95 for one or £15 to share, they aren’t the cheapest thing on the menu but bloody gorgeous! 
Between the three of us we had the FrenchLeicestershire and Cheese boards. Generous portions of loveliness all round. The Leicestershire board features Glenn Lewin pork pie from Sileby, award winning Thomas Hoe Red Leicester and Colston Bassett Stilton as well as gorgeous freshly made bread, chutney and biscuits. The French board was equally delicious with the most wonderful creamy brie de Meaux, chicken liver pate (homemade of course) and french cured meats. 

We were also lucky to try some of Laurent’s fish pate – he sells it from the deli counter and it also comes on the fish board. So fresh and totally delicious, I recommend you buy some if you’re ever there!
They also sell a range of cute gifts so its always worth popping in to have a look for friends and family, especially as we head closer to Christmas. I cannot recommend this place enough, its a firm favourite of mine and clearly other peoples too as its been shortlisted by BBC Good Food Show for
Best Midlands Deli. Good Luck guys! You’ve got my vote 🙂

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