The history of ice-cream with NADFAS and Dr Annie Gray

For my London and South followers, here’s something which combines a few of my favourite things – history and food (well ice-cream!). Sadly I can’t make this event but it sounds great and I felt the need to share! 

I studied history at university and have always been interested in food history. In a previous job I also worked with charity NADFAS (National Association for Decorative and Fine Art Societies) and really enjoyed their lectures and events. They’ve recently begun a series called ‘All in Art‘, designed to bring art history to life through digital content and events. This has to be one of their most exciting to date (given the foodie theme) especially seeing as they’ve teamed up with Lovington’s (a traditional ice-cream company from Somerset) to give ice cream samples out on the night. 

Here’s what they say: From delicate dessert tables, to processed wafer cones, ices have been part of the British diet for over 400 years. Yet our modern versions pale compared to the glories of the past. Made with the most basic of equipment, but moulded in ever more intricate ways, and flavoured with combinations we’d not even think of today ices were exciting, exuberant and extraordinarily delicious. This lecture explores the rich history of a chilly delight. Recipes will be available to take home and try. Includes a guest appearance from Lovington’s Ice Cream, giving us the opportunity to sample the real thing. Food historian Dr Annie Gray is a consultant, broadcaster, and popular speaker. She’s the resident food historian on BBC radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet, and has appeared across the media on topics as broad as the hatefulness of cupcakes, to the history of the mince pie. She acts as a consultant to the heritage industry on the history of food and dining, as well as advising on costumed interpretation, and can sometimes be seen in museums across the UK in the guise of long-dead cooks, making and eating food throughout the past” 

Dr Annie Gray will be talking at Goodenough College in London on Monday 8th September from 6:30pm. Tickets are £5 each and are selling like hot cakes.. If you go, let me know what it was like! You can buy tickets online here.

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