Wahaca, Charlotte Street, London

I’ve wanted to eat at Wahaca for a while now. I’m a big fan of Thomasina Miers and her Mexican Cooking Made Simple TV series and one of my best friends has been raving about her restaurants for ages.

This weekend I finally got my chance when a group of us went to celebrate a friends birthday. The idea behind Wahaca is fresh, tasty food based around Mexican street eats. The newest of 8 Wahaca restaurants around London, the Charlotte Street venue is light and airy with mirrors on the back wall giving an illusion of space. Artwork and modern, minimalist furniture make it feel laid back but special.

As there were 8 of us eating, we decided to just order lots of different things to share from the street food menu – this really is what the spirit of Wahaca is about after all.  We started with tortillas and salsa and guacamole followed by the Wahaca Selection (pork pilbil tacos, winter vegetable tacos, huitlacoche quesadilla, black bean tostadas, chicken taquitos, green rice and black beans). We also had a delicious pulled pork pilbil taco from the specials board, sweet potato fries and chicken guajillo. No doubt there was more but I cant remember it all! There is far too much here to tell you what everything is – see the menu here

Everything was delicious. Served as and when the dishes were ready, our table soon filled up with row upon row of tapas style plates. For 8 of us with a cocktail and more than enough food, the bill came to just over £22 per head including tip making Wahaca not only great food but great value too. 

With a focus on the ‘fresh my concern is that if they continue to open more and more Wahaca‘s, will they be tempted to start cutting corners? Will the focus on fresh ingredients slip as they start to bulk buy this, pre-make that? This is just a musing, of course I’m hoping it may not happen – hopefully the magic they have will continue for ever more!

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