Doddington Hall Farm Shop, Lincolnshire

I’ve just got back from Doddington Hall near Lincoln where I’ve been helping my mums friend with some photography of her pieces in the Sculpture Exhibition running there at the moment.

Doddington Farm Shop - Veg boxes

The Sculpture Exhibition is great, all sorts of styles from lots of different artists exhibited throughout the grounds (which are manicured to perfection). The exhibition has been on since 4 Aug and runs until 2 Sept so if you’re in the area, or fancy a day out, I would highly recommend it. Look out for works by Lucy Kinsella and Jennie McCall – both family friends and fantastic artists.

I’ve literally stopped only to make a cup of tea before jumping on the laptop (not literally!) to blog about the fantastic farm shop there. I could have crippled myself financially if I’d let myself.. we’re talking cheese counter, meat counter filled with home made pies, as well as artisan oils, olives, sauces, jams, home made breads.. HEAVEN!

All of the meat and most of the cheese is local and I treated myself to a couple of nice bits – some local minced beef and chicken legs stuffed with sage and onion from Hambleton Farms  and two cheeses – a Doddington locally produced blue cheese – very spicy and oozy.. delicious on a high baked water biscuit. And a goats cheese, again from a small independant cheese maker in the Lincolnshire area – rolled in moulded ash, this is a really intense goats cheese – absolutely gorgeous!

Doddington Farm Shop - Veg boxes

I’m a bit gutted that I don’t live closer as I would definitely go back to Doddington just for the farm shop! Sadly, my fridge is already full of fruit and veg otherwise I would also have invested in one of their veg boxes, absolute bargain at £4.75 per box and fulled to the brim with fresh veg including beans, beetroot, leeks and potatoes..

On Monday night I made a Lamb Kleftiko – it was a lot of work and took forever to cook but the result was worth the effort. It was in the top 5 dishes I’ve ever made. Honestly, without blowing my own trumpet, it was really delicious. I’ll be writing up the blog next and will have it online within the week.. Look out for that!

Over and out! 🙂

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