Cakes at Anna Cake Couture in Bristol.

You know I don’t have a sweet tooth? Well, I kind of do now.. especially when it comes to this place.

If you read my blog often you’ll know that after moving out of our flat and before we set off on our travels (currently in Melbourne, Oz) we were dog sitting up in Stoke Bishop which for those of you who don’t know Bristol well, is right at the top near the Downs.

 I got to spend 3 weeks getting to know Clifton, an area of the city I hadn’t really explored much before and I discovered loads of new places which are all on my hit-list for when we return. One of them was Anna Cake Couture,  an amazing hidden cafe on Boyce Avenue.

From the outside, Anna looks like a very exclusive wedding cake shop (exactly what it is) with a little takeaway coffee counter at the front.  BUT… inside they also have a gorgeous cafe and open kitchen which is really worth a visit.

It’s not cheap but it’s worth the treat. Choose something delicious from the display (everything is made onsite) – maybe a macaron or a cupcake (cherry bake well if they have them!) and order a flat white which is just as good as the cakes. Take a seat in the back and enjoy half an hour watching the chefs busy at their work.

There’s not much more to say so this one is going to be short and sweet. For a treat with friends, family or on your own, I highly recommend a trip here.

And on that note, I’ll just leave this pictures here….

Cherry Bakewell CupcakeDelicious cake and coffee

Visit Anna Cake Couture at 7 Boyce Avenue, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4AA or online at thisisanna. Go on… you know you want to!!

*The rumours are true, I visited two days on the trot! I ate the same thing both times because it was SO good. BUT, Anna did not know I was planning to review and I paid for everything myself*


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