Bristol! Great Food Club has arrived

For the last couple of months, you’ve probably seen me talking a lot about Great Food Club on social media. That’s because I recently became their Bristol & Bath editor and am really excited about bringing it to this part of the world. 

Great Food Club

Haven’t heard of Great Food Club before?

Great Food Club is a guide to the UK’s best independent restaurants and food shops, showing people hidden gems and the best there is in each key region. Whether you’re away for the weekend or in your hometown, you shouldn’t have to eat and shop in the chains. There are some incredible independents out there and we want to shout about them!

My friend (and kind of boss now!?) Matt Wright started Great Food Club in 2010 from his dining room table. He launched a magazine, which Midlands folk may remember, and out of that grew the club, created to showcase fantastic independent food and drink businesses around the East Midlands. Now, six years later, I’m one of 16 regional editors, responsible for launching the club in their area. We’re growing quickly, with 9000 members and over 300 businesses. 

Every business has to be invited to join, there’s no other way in. I can guarantee that every Bristol place added so far is somewhere I’ve eaten at and loved! As members though, you can rate and review to ensure we keep our consistency high. It’s not unheard of for businesses to be booted out when standards slip!  

Who’s in the club so far? 

The Gallimaufry //The Clifton Sausage // Fishers Seafood // Eatchu
 Pizzarova // The Little Taquero // No Man’s Grace
… and that’s not all, I have a few amazing places up my sleeve! Watch this space!
Bristol Businesses Great Food Club


Why join Great Food Club? 

Card holders benefit from exclusive offers and discounts, competitions and first-hand news! It’s free to join so really, there’s nothing to lose. There is also an online magazine, twitter and Facebook with plenty to read so we can help keep you entertained plus all the food porn you can lay your eyes on over on instagram. Winner!

Fancy it? You can sign up on the website here. A card will be posted out to you and that’s it! Ready to start using. Easy as cheese. 

If you know a great deli, butchers, pub, restaurants or anything in-between, let me know! Email me on or leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!   

*Great Food Club editors are unpaid. I do it for the love so help me to support a small independent business support other small independent businesses by signing up and using your card proudly!*

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