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I used to go down to London a lot with work. My sister and various friends live there too so I’ve got to know the place pretty well over the years. Since changing jobs though, I’ve visited less frequently so a recent day trip felt well overdue.


Tower Bridge Gingey Bites
We found Tower Bridge!

I don’t know about you but usually when I’m in London for the day, it’s because there are things  planned. Sometimes lunch can pass you by (unless that’s one of your plans!) and I have to admit, on more than one occasion I’ve ended up with an… ahem… boots meal deal or even worse, a McDonalds.

Pod recently invited me to try their fast, healthy food and the timing was perfect with this trip coming up. They have outlets all over London, varying from pop-in shops to sit down cafes and their food and drink offering is focused on being healthy, fast and seasonal. Think Pret a Manger but more interesting.

We went along to the one on King William Street, very central and perfectly located for our plans. Inside, the place was already busy when we got there at around 12ish. The set up is similar to Pret – self service chiller cabinets packed with salads, sandwiches, pre-blitzed smoothies and healthy snacks. There is also hot food available to order at the counter. 

We opted for two of the ‘hot pods’ – a mix of rice and vegetables with different toppings. Dave had the Keralan chicken and I had the Peruvian chicken. They launch new flavours every couple of weeks and they all have an international flavour. Both dishes were delicious, hot and really filling. The side salad of peas, edamame beans, carrots and chilli was great too and really added a freshness to the food. Neither the Peruvian or the Keralan dishes were particularly spicy but they were both well seasoned and tasted distinct to one another. Big thumbs up for both!

Whenever I see Cawston drinks I have to get them because they are great! The rhubarb and apple is my absolute favourite. That said, I did have a spike of jealousy when I saw Dave’s choice – a beautiful smoothie full to the brim with kiwi, mango, banana and other treats. Next time we visit a Pod, I’m definitely getting one of those.

I think Pod’s main audience is probably office workers and commuters, people rushing between places and looking for something healthy to eat. They have a bike delivery service to local businesses which I’m sure is extremely popular too. Honestly, if I worked in central London, I’d be a frequent visitor here. They’ve got the balance spot on and despite being a big company with high turnover of goods, their food remains fresh, seasonal and interesting.

*Pod invited me to dine at their King William Street store and we did not pay for our lunch. That said, as is always, I have been wholly honest in this review*

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  1. 24th March 2016 / 4:19 pm

    Ooh that looks lovely, I haven't seen those around London but will definitely look out for one now – sounds yummy!

  2. 24th March 2016 / 10:12 pm

    Love the fresh look of all this healthy food, a nice change from the usual fast food!

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