Winter is coming…

It’s almost time for the BBC Good Food Show at the NEC Birmingham, back this year between 26-29th November. I’ve been part the BBC GFS Blogger Community for almost three years now and in that time I’ve met some great brands, tried some delicious new products (which are now firm favourites) and most of all, had a lot of fun.

It’s traditional for me and my mum to attend the show together (although my bestie Vicky has been known to fill her place on occasion). For one day only, twice a year, she renames herself ‘Mummy Bites’ and we set off with empty bags and full purses for a full day of shopping, eating and drinking.

Personally, I prefer the Winter show to the summer one – it marks the start of the festive season for me and is a great place to pick up Christmas gifts.  If you’ve never been to the show before, here are a couple of first timer tips:

Plan ahead!

It doesn’t need to be a military operation but a bit of planning will help and may even be the difference between meeting your favourite chef or cook. Grab a show programme on your way in and keep hold of it! 

Michael Caines and John Torode

If you want to see the demos on the smaller stages, you will need to be there at least ten mins prior to get a seat! And if you’ve got tickets for the supertheatre (lucky you!) make sure you have your bearings about you. Waking from one side of the show to the other can take time when it’s busy and once they get started, the lights go own and you’ll have missed the boat!This year, the supertheatre has some really great demos on – including ones from Tom Kerridge and Michel Roux Jr!

Lisa Faulkner and Valentine Warner Chefs


Firstly you need comfy shoes, a trolley or big shopping bag (or you can buy them there!). Mummy Bites opts for her very jazzy trolley.. bought especially for the show we might add! I would also suggest short sleeves. Even in November, it gets warm in there so you don’t want to be lugging coats and jumpers around.

Mummy Bites at the BBC Good Food Show


Ahhh shopping! I always spend more than I plan to at the show! And for me, I like to check out the producers village. You’ll find lots of lovely artisan and small scale companies selling really excellent products and usually things you won’t find in the supermarket at home.  Spend time chatting to the stall holders and you’ll find that the provenance and passion behind their brands make them all the more appealing!
Bluebird tea stand at BBC Good Food Show
Yorkshire Rape Seed Oil

If you don’t have tickets yet, get yourself 15% off with special code BL15. To purchase, click here.  If you want to see more about the show, you’ll find all of my previous posts here

*Some content on this post has appeared on Gingey Bites previously.

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