Food photograpy with Scott Choucino

Most of my regular readers are aware that by day I’m the marketing manager for a small group of pubs and restaurants in the East Midlands. It’s not that often that my work crosses over into my blog but today I want to share some of the amazing food photography we’ve recently been working on in preparation for the launch of spring menus.

Burger chips and salad

I’m lucky that I have a job in an industry I love – and I probably have my blog to thank for that to a certain extent. Whilst I’ve always worked in marketing, when I applied for my current role I was moving out of the travel industry and most likely, the knowledge of food and eating out in my local area helped get it. A happy story of a hobby turned career (of a sort!).  Scott Choucino is someone I met through my job who I now consider a friend and his story resonates because it’s similar to mine – his career wasn’t actually in photography but he changed that because its where his passion lies.

Scott is a Leicester based commercial photographer and predominantly shoots bands and musicians but more recently he’s turned his hand to food photography. Three of the most recent shoots he did for us were at The Smokehouse in Leicester and the Orange trees in Leicester and Nottingham. I’m sure you’ll agree that the dishes look absolutely fantastic. He captures the freshness of the dishes so well although I’m sure he quite enjoys helping me eat them up afterwards too! Oh its a tough life!

salmon with pea shoots and tomato coulis
ploughman picnic
pulled pork burger smokehouse food
potted crayfish and bread
Here comes the plug – you can see more of Scott’s work on his website here. If you’re interested in finding out more about his portfolio and prices, please contact He offers competitive prices on food shoots which include editing on site meaning you can have your photos the same day. Winner! 
**Neither Scott or my work asked me to write this post and I’m not gaining from it, I just wanted to share his fab pics with you!**
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  1. 3rd April 2015 / 6:01 pm

    His pictures are absolutely stunning!!! x

  2. 3rd April 2015 / 7:36 pm

    Thanks both for your comments – Scott's photos are literally good enough to eat aren't they! 🙂

  3. 7th April 2015 / 9:47 am

    These photos are gorgeous! Being a blogger seems to really help in getting marketing jobs, its helped me no end, even though I'm not marketing food (although that would be a dream!). The only downside to this post is its made me both very hungry and very sad I still haven't managed to get to an orange tree or the smokehouse yet! x

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