Review: The Curzon Arms, Woodhouse Eaves

Despite my love of fancy restaurants, you really can’t beat a proper good pub. One where the locals are ‘local’ and the bar staff are friendly. Extra brownie points if they serve food and double brownie points if the food is good. Having heard many people recommend The Curzon Arms to me, this month I finally got round to going there for dinner with my very favourite blogging buddies. A picturesque country pub in the lovely village of Woodhouse Eaves.

If you are local to the Loughborough area, you may well have eaten in one of the Curzon’s sister pubs The Windmill or The Blue Bell Inn. I’ve reviewed the Blue Bell on here before (here) and raved about it. In fact, I’ve never had a bad meal there and it was even the venue of choice for my 30th birthday family meal but sadly, The Curzon Arms didn’t quite meet my expectations.

The Curzon Arms at night

The table settings and menu format mirrors that of the other two pubs but each pub’s Head Chef has their own autonomy in terms of what they put on their menu. At first glance, all looks fab.

The Curzon Arms in Woodhouse Eaves menu

To start I went for the risotto balls. Off to a good start, they were really delicious and very cheesy! The tomato salsa was the kind which you can whip up at home but the red onion and fresh tomato just really worked well with the creamy risotto. My friends went for the mussels (more of which later) and the smoked salmon – which interestingly, came as a fillet piece rather than slices.

tomato risotto Balls

My first thought when my main was delivered was  “bloody hell, this could feed a family of four!” but of course I didn’t let that put me off and tucked in but unfortunately, as Emily had hinted, the sauce was slightly bitter (from the celery at a guess) and very bland. It was also so far down the pot that I had to eat a good third of the mussels before I could get my frites or bread in to dip. To make things worse, the description I’d read earlier that day on their website for the mussels was wrong -it sounded much better with a more creamy chorizo sauce. I’d decided I was having that before  I even arrived!

Mussels and frites

Emily & Charlotte had more luck with their mains – lamb faggots with dreamy mash and a rich jus and a slow cooked feather blade of beef. The beef was totally tender and you could cut it with a fork but Emily did have to ask for some gravy as she felt the dish was a little dry. The photos don’t look great as the venue was pretty dark but you get the picture..

lamb faggots
slow cooked feather blade of beef
Sadly, the story doesn’t get any better. After waiting for our plates to be cleared for nearly half an hour, we had to go and find someone to give us our bill. Then, after a further half hour I ended up taking our bill and cards to the bar to pay for our meal. Sadly this left a sour note to the end of the evening. Sorry guys but with high hopes, you just didn’t quite deliver for us on this occasion. 

*We paid for our own meals and The Curzon Arms did not know I was planning to review my meal*

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