The Red Lion, Great Bowden

The Red Lion in the pretty village of Great Bowden is a great find. Decorated with modern chunky frames, silver stags heads and minimalist scrubbed down floors, it has the feel of a traditional pub but with a trendy edge. I’ve never eaten here at night – I’ve been told its very good and I can imagine it is having tasted their lunch time offering. So, without further hesitation, here’s my lunchtime review.

The Red Lion exterior, Great Bowden

Their small lunch menu has a concise but mouthwatering range of sandwiches all priced at £5.95 – served with salad and (currently) the most fantastic beetroot slaw I’ve ever tasted. Fillings are traditional and delicious – salt beef and gherkin, crab, fishfinger, chicken and bacon; and the ciabatta cobs are soft and floury.

The Red Lion Hanging Sign
The Red Lion Bar Area

As a new favourite haunt for Friday lunches with my office pals, I’ve tried a few of the sandwich fillings now and by far the best has got to be the fishfinger sarnie. OMG its so good. Soft white fish in a crispy coating and oodles of chunky tartare sauce. The salad every time I’ve been has been dressed with a tangy mustard dressing and refreshingly interesting – making a nice change from the usual blob of wilted rocket. The Salt Beef and Gherkin comes with Red Leicester melted cheese which works surprisingly well and the Crab sandwich was fresh and delicious, overflowing with crab meat too which made me extremely happy!

The beetroot slaw is delectable. I’m definitely going to have a go at recreating it at home. Although, if you;re not a fan of beetroot, you’ll be a bit stuffed as it comes with every sandwich and lets face it.. you can’t escape its purple clutches..

Attention to detail gives the Red Lion a quality feel too. For example, they serve their sauces in mini kilner jars. No idea if their mayo is home made but who cares? It looks great. Order a side of chips and they come in a little fryer basket – I know its trendy but I love it.

Chippy chips!

If I’m looking for something negative to say, the service is, on occassion, a little slow. However, this is in the context of an office lunch with just 1 hour to get in, eat and get out. For a saturday or day off, I don’t think I’d find it a problem. Overall, its a great place with a lovely feel and a new favourite of mine. Have you eaten there at night? What was it like and what did you have?

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  1. 21st February 2014 / 1:01 am

    I love this post and your blog in general. Your posts always make me feel so hungry and always look beyond yummy! Your photos are amazing. What camera do you use?
    Beth x

  2. 21st February 2014 / 10:03 am

    Thanks for your comments! Glad you like it, I'll check your blog out too 😆 I have a Nikon D3200 and use a tripod most of the time to avoid using the flash

  3. 21st February 2014 / 10:05 am

    Whoops pressed send before I was done! A lot of my pics out and about are also done on my iPhone 5! 🙂

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