Peter Pizza, Loughborough

There’s a pizza revolution taking place in Loughborough. Peter and that’s enough.. opened their doors to business less than 3 weeks ago and the buzz surrounding it is immense. People who know me know that I like to stick my head into everything and know whats going on so this time last week I was there with fork in hand and a rumbly tummy.

Located in a converted pub on Ashby Square, Peter is a funky pizzeria run by Italian blooded Rafael. He came to Loughborough for uni and never left. I’m so pleased.

I met with my fellow Leicestershire foodie friends (blogger Emily, local heroes Louise and Dan and chef Laurie) and we sat on the large communal table in the front of the restaurant and began deciding what to eat. Key ingredients are sourced directly from Italy – for example, the flour for the pizza dough is Molino Caputo and the dough is made in a traditional way found in the Cervinara region. The wines are supplied by a family in Italy direct and the cured meats come from Padova. Working directly with family suppliers, this pizzeria is Italian through and through. Naturally, in true Italian style, there is no messing around here. Its a pizzeria so they just serve.. pizza. There are 8 on the menu plus specials too. Starters and nibbles include doughballs, olives cheeses and meats but nothing more complex than that (it doesn’t need to be).
A selection of amazing meats
Halloumi con Foccaccia £4.00 and Life Changing Olives & Taralli £3.00
Julia Roberts Sasige – Spicy Italian Sausage £3.50 (there’s no way to make this look nice!)
 If you can’t decide what to have on your pizza, you can tweet Peter Pizza with the hashtag #PizzaRoulette and they will decide for you! Fortunately, I knew what I wanted and went for number 3 – Tomatoes, ricotta fresca, sausage con finocchietto, mozzarella, pistachio di Bronte and truffle oil (sooo good). Drink wise, I was driving so went for the homemade iced tea followed by homemade still lemonade – both were really refreshing and absolutely delish.
The sourdough for the pizza bases is made in house and I can honestly say they were best I’ve ever tasted outside of Italy. Soft and fluffy on the inside, charred and crispy on the outside. For once, rather than eating around the base, I wolfed the lot. Around the table, we chomped and chatted and as I glanced around the place, I realised that this is what it’s all about. Peter Pizza isn’t a quiet restaurant, its a place to gather and catch up over great, simple food. In fact, its perfect for groups and if there’s space, I recommend you ask to sit at the big communal table.
Peter Pizzeria Communcal Table
The wonderful communal table
Clean plates all round and ready for pizza!
One final note, when we thought it wasn’t possible to eat a single bite more, our lovely friendly waitress came over with this…. Nutella Pizza. Its the same sourdough base but sprinkled with sugar and topped with nutella and chopped nuts. Sounds so simple – its incredible. We all had it around our mouths but didn’t care! There is also a wider selection of puds which you eat in or takeaway – try the ‘Something Divine’ which is made by Louise (pictured above)!
Nutella pizza heaven!

I’ve reviewed so many restaurants in the past year and can honestly say this is one of my favourites. I love the place, the food, the drinks and am telling everyone I know to go there. If you’re in and around Loughborough, get over there as soon as you can.

Pizza Heaven has come to Loughborough and I’ve fallen in love with Peter.

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  1. 31st July 2013 / 8:30 am

    After reading this I am gutted I don't go to Leicester as much as I used to as it would be a quick trip on the train to get there! I had a similar Nutella pizza in Polpo so I know how good that must taste.

  2. 31st July 2013 / 12:33 pm

    Oh WOW. This looks sensational. SENSATIONAL! Especially the Nutella pizza.

  3. 1st August 2013 / 6:31 am

    Thanks both for your comments – this is certainly a star in Loughborough's crown I think! Franco Mancas (the original in Brixton) is similar Caroline – not sure where you're based – although the atmosphere is a bit more inviting at PETER!

  4. 1st August 2013 / 11:48 pm

    I had lunch there on Wednesday. Food was good but we were out towards the back of the pizzeria near the toilets and unfortunately the smell ruined what they have tried to create. It wouldn't sop me going back but I would be a lot pickier about seating. Staff were also very friendly.

  5. 3rd August 2013 / 11:53 am

    Ah that's a shame, we were sat on the big communal table at the front and didn't experience anything negative. Lets hope that next time its better for you!

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