Day 3: Olive Magazine 7 meals for £30 – Take Two!

After a short interlude (date night, more of which later), we’re back on the 7 days challenge. Tonight, the hubby was replaced by my good friend and fellow blogger Annie Bean as we headed into Day 3.

One-pot Chicken with Orzo and Dill

Ingredients, serves 2:

  • Boneless skinless chicken thighs, 4
  • Chicken Stock, 500ml
  • Orzo 150g
  • Dill, 1/2 a small bunch, chopped
  • Butter, 25g
  • Lemon, 1/2 zested and juiced

Put the chicken thighs and stock in a wide shallow pan. Bring to a simmer then cook for 10 minutes. Add the orzo, put on a lid and cook for another 6-8 mins or until tender. Take out the thighs and shred then add back to the pan with the dill, butter and lemon. Serve extra lemon wedges on the side.

Poaching chicken
Fresh herbs - chicken and orzo one pot
one-pot chicken and orzo

I didn’t have any fresh dill so I used parsely and thyme instead. I also used chicken breasts instead of thighs and poached as per the instructions. We were expecting this to be quite bland but it actually tasted really nice. The orzo has a lovely texture and was surprisingly filling. I’ll make this again and maybe add garlic and some peas or perhaps roasted peppers to bulk it out. 7/10

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