The Red Veil, Loughborough

*This restaurant is now closed*

I feel like quite the connoisseur of Indian restaurants around Loughborough and Leicester these days. We all love curry in our family so you’ll quite often find us catching up over a Balti or a Bhuna on a Saturday night.

This weekend was no different (apart from the fact it was a new venue). Dinner for four at The Red Veil in Loughborough. Tucked away, out of town on the less than the savoury end of town near the train station, this place cant rely on passing traffic. We had a Groupon voucher, and it seems that pretty much everyone else did too. The good news is, if their meals were as good as ours, everyone will go back.

Top two pictures were taken from The Red Veil website

I had something I’ve not seen on the local curry house menus before – Lamb Almishiki which is a Punjabi dish. Medium heat with tomatoes, ginger and onions. The ginger gave it almost a South East Asian flavour, which lifted it from your standard curry. Dave had a Lamb Balti which was very tasty too. Both of our dishes had melted in the mouth tender meat in them and his was dark red in colour with a fabulously zingy kick. the rice and naans were nice if not a little standard and my mother in law had a Chicken Tawa which came out on a¬†sizzling pan (below). It was really tasty and my choice for next time.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend The Red Veil restaurant, as I said earlier, it is a little out the way but the food was great and the staff friendly and professional. Take that ten-minute walk and you’ll find something much better than the overcrowded substandard places in the centre of town. We’ll be back there soon.

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