Chippy Tea at Time & Plaice, Rothley

As much as I love fine dining, the treat of going out for a really posh meal and all that goes with it – dressing up, starting with a glass of fizz and all the rest, sometimes all you want is something comforting and homely which isn’t going to break the bank. Let’s face it, the one thing which ticks that box for most of us is a bag of good old fish and chips.

On Thursday night, Mum and I were booked in for dinner at a local gastro pub but after perusing the menu and some disappointing service, we decided to finish our glass of prosecco and head somewhere else. We had a bag of chips in mind from our favourite local chippy Rothley Fisheries but once we got there, thought we might sit in for a proper chippy tea at their little restaurant next door Time & Plaice.

the time and plaice chip shop

Well, I don’t know if it was the service, the chips or maybe the vinegar fumes had gone to our heads but by the time we left, we were literally whooping for joy! We had a fantastic time there and I knew I just had to share this with you all.

The restaurant is small and cosy and the menu is short. You can have traditional fish and chips. Which, let’s face it.. is what you want. Mum and I went for their small fish & chips option which is £9.50 and comes with bread and butter, pickles and a pot of tea.

Everything just felt right. Proper fish and chips, buttered soft granary bread and a big old pot of builders tea! Plus, they fry in rapeseed oil meaning it’s all ok for veggies too. Throw in great service from the lovely ladies who run the chippy and table check backs asking if you need any more chips or bread and butter and we just had the most fantastic time! We were literally on chip cloud 9!

Mummy Bites strikes again!
A few cheeky Triv questions whilst we waited for our food!
Fish and Chips, Rothley Fisheries
Soft white cod in a gorgeous crispy batter 
Oooooh yeah! 
Homemade Tartare Sauce 
I imagine the restaurant gets quite busy at the weekends so I’d suggest checking before you go. We just turned up on Thursday and the place was about half full. The best thing was the atmosphere. There was a real mix of people – from a big family table to older couples and groups of friends. It really was just everything you’d want from a proper traditional chippy tea. They don;t have a website but you can find their opening hours and contact details here.
As you can see, I managed to clear my plate AND eat all the pickles!

Over and out! 

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