Little Creatures, Fremantle, Western Australia

The craft beer trend is huge in the UK at the moment and despite predictions at the start of the year,  it doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon. I really enjoy wheat beers, white ales and the American style IPA (with Beavertown Gamma Ray right at the top of my list incase you’re interested) so for me, this is no bad thing.


On arriving in Western Australia last month, we realised very quickly that beer is super expensive, seeming to average around £10 for a pint. There are several micro-breweries around Perth and Fremantle though and we had a hankering for some good beer so when a friend recommended Little Creatures we thought we’d better look it up.

Turns out, Little Creatures is more than a micro-brewery. In two huge harbourside warehouses they have various venues including beer tasting in the brewhouse and the great hall which is just an incredible bar and restaurant space. Their beer comes straight from the huge brewery tanks behind the bar, it couldn’t be fresher if it tried. Between us we tried almost the whole range including the Shift Brewer’s Stash Special which was called Goliath Black Session IPA. Treacly and smokey but very drinkable. I’m not keen on the heavy stouts and porters back home so this was a great middle ground between those and a golden ale.

The pictures really do not do it justice. As you can see, we visited at night and it was really dark and atmospheric with the whole space lit by strings of lightbulbs. Loud and casual this is the place to come with a group of mates. We knew the beer would be good but what I wasn’t expecting was just how good the food was. There must have been 300 people there so when I saw a sharing and pizza menu I expected the worst.

Somehow on this massive scale, Little Creatures are turning out the most amazing food, freshly cooked to order and interesting. Everything we ate was totally delicious. Served as they come out the huge open kitchen, we ate ‘tapas’ style.

Marinated Octopus at Little Creatures, fremantle

Between five of us we ordered:

  • Woodfired pizza with mushroom, garlic and tallegio cheese
  • Marinated octopus
  • Kangaroo with tomato chutney
  • Beetroot salad, goat cheese, macadamia & spinach
  • Sticky lamb ribs
  • Sardines, onion, apple & crouton
I think my favourite had to be the lamb ribs. They were covered in a slightly spiced sweet and sour sticky glaze and the meat just dropped off the bone. I could have eaten the whole bowl to myself. The kangaroo was also delicious, tender and with a fruity tomato chutney on the side. The octopus was really tasty but served cold which we were mildly surprised at. I think we expected it to be warm or hot. Sharing a pizza plus five sharer dishes turned out to be the perfect amount of food. We were full but not unpleasantly so!
Eating out is definitely more expensive in Western Australia than the UK but we all agreed that Little Creatures offered really great value for money. The bill came to around $160 for food and drinks which is roughly £20 a head. Not bad at all!
If you find yourself in Perth or Fremantle, why not visit Little Creatures for yourself? Their website with a map is here.

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  1. 4th November 2016 / 2:08 pm

    Gosh! I thought australia was cheaper than the UK? £20 sounds like very good value to me for some fab looking food

  2. 6th November 2016 / 5:16 am

    We've found it cheaper in Melbourne now we're here but Perth was expensive! Little Creatures was great value though 🙂

  3. 6th November 2016 / 9:53 am

    Gosh, I knew that food and drink was a little expensive but had no idea it was that much! This place looks like so much fun though, and great menu!

  4. 6th November 2016 / 5:04 pm

    Sounds like great value, especially when compared to London! That pizza looks amazing too!! Gary x

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