Instant noodles

Samyang kalgugsu instant noodles

Samyang Kalgugsu instant noodles

Samyang kalgugsu instant noodles

Samyang is a Korean brand and well know for their noodles and other food products. They’re probably best known for their Buldak range – super spicy chicken noodles which come in many flavour combos. They’ve not been featured on the blog yet but am sure at some point they’ll appear!

Anyway, back to this one. It’s chicken flavour and has both powdered soup seasoning and a separate packet of dehydrated veggie bits. I think that’s what made this more superior than other basic instant ramens I’ve tried because once the flakes had rehydrated in the hot soup, the cabbage and onion pieces tasted like kimchi and gave more of the texture you’d expect.

kalgugsu noodles in the packet

It was super easy to make – everything in together and boil for 4-5 mins with 550ml water. As usual, this was too much water dor me so I did around 400ml instead.

The noodles are also a little different – they’re broader, wheat noodles compared to the more usual tightly curled egg noodles you tend to get in instant noodles. Kal Gugus actually means ‘knife cut’ in Korean.

The stock itself was quite salty on this one with an almost sharp fermented flavour to the broth. I ate these as they come straight from the packet but in future these would make a great base for a budgae jjigae or pimped up bowl of noodles – especially if your spice tolerance isn’t enough for Shin Ramyun which is my usual go to.

instant noodles in a saucepan


Scores on the doors:

  • Flavour – 6/10
  • Texture – 8/10
  • Ease of making – is 9/10

Total: 23/30 

Buy again? YES. Absolutely. Sometimes you just want a break from spice (I usually go spicy with my instant noodles) and these feel a touch above your usual chicken packet ramen with the chewy thicker noodles and tasty broth! Gingey approved.

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