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Are you the type of person who starts the new year a fresh each time? Do you wake up on the 1st of January with a head full of ideas and plans to make this year the best year?

I don’t. I usually wake up with a hang over. My ‘New Years resolutions’ intentions are good but I never really make it. But perhaps, perhaps, this year will be different. I feel different, my head space is different.

2019 has been a whirlwind, full of real highs and real lows. As many of you will know, both Dave and I lost our jobs in August, mid way through buying a house. Our employer owes us a several months wages and was a real piece of work. Dave started a new job in October, me in December. Since then, we’ve been able to start getting our lives back on track.

Less of the lows – I went on two international press trips with the blog, I was a finalist in the BOOM Awards for their Best Organic Blogger category and had a piece about worm composting published in Good Food Magazine. The podcast went from strength to strength and in my personal life, I gained another niece and continued to grow my friendships.

New Year’s Resolutions 2020


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Getting my #topnine in early and it’s a great mix of travel, blogging highlights and delish food. In order: 1) 🐛My piece on worm composting in @bbcgoodfood magazine 2)🍦A matcha #melonpan dessert in Japan 3)🔥The one and only @thecauldronrestaurant Sunday roast 4)🥈Me celebrating being a finalist in the ‘best #Organic food blogger’ category at the @soilassociation soilassociation #BOOMawards 5) 💰A weeks worth of groceries for my #livebelowtheline experience 6) 🍜Incredible ramen from @ichiranjp in Tokyo 7) 🍲Tasty #pho from somewhere I can’t remember! 8) 🍳A new favourite – poached eggs & sriracha on crumpets 9) 🏔The Italian alps as seen from my plane window! #topnine2019 #whatayear #foodtravelstories #lovefood #organicfood #foodblogger #foodmemories #fromaplanewindow #lovethis #happynewyear #ramenjunkie

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