Sunday Roast at The Pod Newport

A Sunday roast worth leaving the country for

On our recent trip to Wales, we finished the weekend with a Sunday roast at The Pod Newport. I’d looked at it online and knew that we’d be in for a treat. Honestly, though I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as good as it was. It was bloomin’ excellent.

The Pod is a glass and metal building perched on the edge of the River Usk in Newport, which, if we’re all honest, isn’t the first place to come to mind when dreaming of food filled weekends away in pretty South Wales. I certainly can’t remember the last time anyone said to me ‘Oh you have to try that new place in Newport’ – can you?

Anyway, back to the The Pod. We arrived on a cold but sunny day to find a glass box filled with sunlight and warmth. The atmosphere was buzzy, with a mix of couples, friends and family tables eating and drinking.

Inside The Pod Newport on a sunny January afternoon

Something to whet your whistle

We enjoyed chatting with the award winning mixologist and bar manager Jan whilst we were waiting for our food. He made us a series of amazing cocktails (mocktail versions for me, the driver). They were all delicious. A special shout out though, to that espresso martini which rounded off the meal in the perfect fashion. Oh and another shout out to the bloody mary which was the exact balance of spicy and earthiness with the added bonus of fragrant scortched rosemary. Basically, what I’m saying is that the cock/mocktails were all excellent. The menu changes frequently and Jan and his team really know their stuff, so feel free to ask for recommendations and requests.

Jan Kosler at The Pod Newport making cocktails The bar at The Pod Newport Bloody Mary with scorched rosemary

The food, oh the food…

The Sunday roast comes with a selection of seasonal veg which, if our experience is anything to go by, is thoughtfully prepared. We had a warming slightly spiced red cabbage, crisp to the bite tenderstem broccoli and wonderfully sweet carrot and swede mash. It was this in particular, which reminded me instantly of home. Add to that, garlicky roast potatoes, an epic yorky pud and unctuous gravy served (no kidding) in a bucket and I’m already a happy woman. Then, throw in not only two thick slices of pink roast beef but also a juicy chicken supreme. Bloody hell. Roast of dreams.

Sunday Roast at The Pod Newport

Silence descended as we tucked in and almost conquered what can only be described as a mountain of food. We then sat there for a while decompressing before being presented with the most ridiculous dessert board. We had salted caramel and chocolate ice cream, fried raspberry samosa, waffle cake and more. It was honestly too much for me but being the sweet-toothed trooper that he is, Dave tried his very best to polish the lot off though, and he came close. The only thing he did make a special effort with, and finished, was the samosa, which he still waxes lyrical about!

the sharing dessert board at The Pod in Newportchocolate ice cream at The Pod Newport

Final thoughts

If I had one criticism of The Pod, it would be the portion size. I hate to think how much food is being wasted. Let me tell you, I can trough like the best of them and didn’t come close to finishing either my main or dessert. That’s it. No other criticisms. An almost perfect score and a roast 100% worth leaving the country for.

The drive back to Bristol took just over 40 minutes, by which time we were ready for a cuppa tea and a nap on the sofa. We will be back but next time we’re taking friends because the Sunday roast at the Pod is about sharing and boy do I want to share.

We were invited to eat and drink at The Pod Newport but all opinions are my own. The bill would have come to approximately £70-80 for two people with four cocktails, Sunday roast sharing platter and dessert sharing platter*

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