Camping and a BBQ filled Bank Holiday

So, hope everyone had a good bank holiday weekend? Dave was off on his stag do in Dublin so I decided to tag onto a camping trip with some friends (those of coconut prawns fame!) down in Petersfield, not far from Portsmouth.

From Friday to Monday I was living in a little tent on what appeared to be telly tubby hill. We miraculously missed the rain and enjoyed some sunny if a little windy weather.

A group of foodies with King BBQ Howarth at the helm, we ate like kings with marinated chicken wings, pork steaks and blue cheese burgers on the menu on Friday and good old frankfurters with french mustard and fried onions on Saturday. But, the greatest culinary treat of the weekend had to be the BBQ’d peaches. Once the embers had died down to a low heat, we put the peaches onto the BBQ to slowly cook. The result was deliciously sweet, almost caramel in taste. 
On Sunday we drove over to Christchurch for some sneaky whelks in vinegar and of course fish & chips. Once the food had settled it was time for my friends annual sea swim on Mudeford Sands. Peer pressure resulted in my taking part too – bits of me went blue but on the whole it was good fun and nothing dropped off with frostbite (yet).
On the drive home we stopped in Oxford and had dinner at Ask. Out of all the chain restaurants, I don’t think this is one I’ve been to before. My pasta was nice and reasonably priced. With my taste card, we also got buy one get one free on 2 peoples meals. Impressed that the card was valid even on a bank holiday. 

Now that I’m home and Dave is back in one piece (with both eyebrows intact), life is about to get very busy and very exciting. There are just 11 days left until we move house and just 17 days left until we get married. So, quite a lot to do! At this moment in time, I’m almost pleased to be out of work.
Got some lovely locally reared beef steak mince out of the freezer ready for tomorrow nights tea – will be making a good old chilli, the way my mum makes it – which is the best way. Thick tomato sauce, lots of green pepper and kidney beans served with crusty garlic bread. It might be a standard dish but I think this version is rather special.. Blog to follow.. 
Over and Out!

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